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Ausar Media services are varied and cover all aspects of marketing, consultation and web development–our three cornerstones of service. Below is an outline of the services we offer:
  1. Marketing – If your business requires a presence that your customers can respect and trust, marketing must start at the conception of your idea. Your customer needs to be the focus of all your marketing.
  2. Consultation – Even if you have already started your marketing campaign or your business has been around for some time; if you are not headed in the right direction, help is always around the corner. We offer insightful and up-to-date consultation, no matter what industry your business may be in.
  3. Web Development – Due to lack of information about web technology, many companies that should have interactive websites are limited to creating blogs or "business-card" types of presences on the Internet. Our solutions allow your site to be appealing to your customers without overwhelming others with information.
Shenzhen Eats
Shenzhen Eats is a food website that has required its content be available in multiple languages across the Asian region.

Not only should the website feature a particular language, but with each language the translation must reflect the region's culture and customs.

We provided Shenzhen Eats with translation in both Mandarin and Cantonese. If you would like more information about our services, please visit our Contact area.
BFN Radio has become a success story on so many levels. 'Real Time Broadcasting' has allowed for users around the world to hear the same radio broadcast simultaneously. See how streams are deployed. (more...)
Black Folk Network is a massive media and content project requiring constant attention to many cultural and social dynamics. Staying ahead of the market requires a complete rehaul the 'social media' concept. (more...)
Shenzhen Eats is a food website that requires its content to be available in multiple languages. Not only should the website feature a particular language, but the translation must reflect the region's culture and customs. (more...)
There are many reasons to join our network of media outlets. Sometimes user-generated content and blogs aren't enough for your site visitors. If your website, magazine or news publication requires news or video content, our quality of service is sure to benefit your project.
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