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Ausar Media Network Will Implement HTML5
Ausar Media Entertainment Group
December 28, 2011
California - For the past few years, the term "HTML5" has been gaining momentum in many web development circles. But what does it mean exactly?

For those of us who are not Internet-savvy, HTML–or "Hypertext Markup Language"–is a language for building web pages on the Internet. HTML produced (and still produces) many of the websites and blogs that you see today.

However, as technology advanced, simple pages were not enough. People required multimedia, so websites with images and video were introduced. Soon after, the average Internet user grew tired of just looking at web pages. People required interaction and communication, so languages such as Perl and JavaScript were used so site visitors could communicate with websites directly.

The problem with advancing any further as a website was that even minor changes (submitting information or requesting a video) required an interaction with the entire page. For instance, if you want to submit information to a company, it would require you to be sent to an entirely different page and disrupt your interaction with the current page.

The average website failed to move as a singular unit. One part of a website was always fighting for attention with another part of the website. For many websites, this is true even until today.

As of now, it is possible to use later technologies such as DHTML, JQuery, PHP and others in order to create what seems to be a seamless experience for your customers. However, that is not always the case. Images sometimes load slower than video. The video loads even slower than the customized code for advertisement. Third-party plug-ins (GPS, social media, etc.) are also capable of burdening your site's load time.

At best, the website loads correctly, but as an organism, responds poorly to newer technologies in fear of creating confusing among the development team.

With HTML5, there are many components such as Web Application (a possible replacement for many third-party plug-ins), CSS3 (an alternative to heavy image-based interface design), Audio & Video (a more robust cross-platform media solution for video and audio), Geolocation (think maps) and Local Storage (allowing more information to be stored on the local user's computer). JavaScript is also important to the core of HTML5, so developers should have no problem getting used to the new concepts.

HTML5 is essentially a superset of HTML4 (what is currently in use as of now). As Ausar Media expands its digital portfolio, it will require new techniques for solving a growing website's technical issues and problems.

The implementation of HTML5 across the entire network is sure to enhance the experience of Ausar Media clients and their customers.
- Ausar Media Press
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