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Ausar Media Looking to Network with HBCUs
Ausar Media Entertainment Group
December 28, 2011
Oakland, CA - Due to current recession, the US economy is failing to utilize the large reserve of brilliant minds that are graduating from our colleges and universities.

When thinking of excellent American universities, we often think of Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley and the like. However, there is a larger untapped networking of colleges and universities that are milling out a largely untapped demographic in the American workforce: graduates of historically black colleges and universities.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (or HBCUs) are a very good source of talent for todays businesses. HBCU Connect, the leading website for HBCU news and information, posts an annual list of the top 50 recruiters or employers of HBCU students. Among the top 20 organizations hiring HBCU graduates are the U.S. Department of State and global software maker Microsoft.

Below are the top 5 employers of HBCU graduates and students for 2011:

1. The McGraw-Hill Companies
2. Microsoft
3. Defense Intelligence Agency
4. Staples
5. Anixter

But what are the criteria for being ranked as a top employer of HBCU graduates and students? HBCU Connect bases their ranking on four factors: recruiting history, recruiting investment, number of actual hires and creativity (approach or accessibility to HBCU graduates and students).

As many top companies in the United States are taking initiative to hire students and alumni, Ausar Media would like to provide an additional network; not only for recruitment to employers, but recruitment of high school students to HBCUs themselves.

An Ausar Media HBCU infrastructure is currently under development. The infrastructure will be in the form of a database and will be used partly has an affiliate to organizations such as HBCU Connect.

The United States is a truly great country with a huge reserve of talented professionals, from every single background. We look forward to helping keep Americas workforce talented and ahead of the curve!
- BFN Press
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