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Delivering Premium Content with BFN Radio
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Delivering Premium Content with BFN Radio
Ausar Media Entertainment Group
December 11, 2011
San Francisco - BFN Radio began as an extension of the Black Folk Network, an African-American Internet portal.

"What we wanted to do was solidify a brand for our music department," said a spokesperson for BFN. "As we were building the network, we noticed that interest in music and music-related material was higher than other departments of our site. So it was absolutely important for us to sort of, take a break from the entire site and deploy BFN Radio as a separate entity."

Originally launched in 2009, BFN Radio was created to serve as three basic roles: a music portal, a video portal and a news portal. By the beginning of 2010, BFN Radio was receiving more Internet traffic than parent site Black Folk Network.

"We attribute BFN's larger amount of Internet traffic to its everyday usage," added the BFN spokesperson. "When you visit Black Folk Network, its main purpose is to serve as an African-American cultural portal. When you're at work, there's little time to visit a site like that. BFN Radio on the other hand has an online radio station that allows users to listen to music while they work. We have found that even the small functionality of an online radio station allows BFN Radio to garner larger numbers during the work week."

Following the success of BFN Radio's radio campaign, more confidence was placed in its ability to also function as a successful video and music news portal.

"Although companies such as Apple are moving away from supporting Flash" stated BFN Radio spokesperson, "we feel confident that as of now, Flash will be the main technology we use for our video portal. A move to QuickTime or Silverlight at this point is unnecessary."

Although BFN Radio is currently developing its music video portal, most of its video resource as of now is being dedicated to its news portal. As of now, there are only two areas in which you can view videos. The first area is the home page, where you can view the site's top music video picks.

The second area in which you can view videos happens to be on the news landing page. Here, the videos consist of blogs from independent journalists, advertisements from movies and excerpts from talk shows featuring African-American celebrities.

"Our video content as of now is very limited. However, we are currently talking with smaller, lesser-known content providers. In this way, we can provide a lot more content for our visitors without the worries of copyright and red tape issues from larger corporations."
- Ausar Media Press
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