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California Trading, Co. Ready to Open Doors
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California Trading Company Ready to Open Doors
Ausar Media Entertainment Group
December 19, 2011
California - California Trading Company is finally ready to open its doors. The California-based company was created in order to facilitate meaningful trade throughout the world from a traditional, family-owned shop.

"Customers are becoming more mindful of what they purchase these days," says the CEO of the company. "This means that purchasing the cheapest product regardless of quality will cease to be the status quo."

As sales for items such as the iPhone signal that people want the best for their money, suppliers are going to have to accept this fact by no longer shopping just for price.

"They will also have to shop for top quality. It's better to buy a more expensive product that sells out, than it is to purchase a cheaper product that leaves half of the items on the shelves."
- Ausar Media Press
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